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4 Things You Can Do to Save Money and Stress on Your Next Bathroom Remodel

4 Things You Can Do to Save Money and Stress on Your Next Bathroom Remodel

A home’s bathroom should be a space to relax and get ready to take on the day. If yours is in need of some improvements, a remodel could do more than add style to your home: it could add a greater sense of calm and relaxation to your life. Still, bathroom remodels can be expensive, so if you are working with a smaller budget, you need to be savvy about the costs.

Thankfully, saving money on a bathroom remodel is as easy as establishing a budget, making savvy choices and getting maximum benefits from the expenses you incur. For example, don’t be afraid to look for a vanity at neighborhood yard sales (fixing it up may be easier than you think). Have your heart set on towels from Crate and Barrel? If you watch for sales and snag Crate and Barrel coupons, they can be yours.

Read on for more details and other ways to save. 

You Can Splurge on Bathroom Essentials and Still Save 

When you want to give your bathroom a fresh, new look, you may think you need to spend a lot of money. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though, especially when you can find so many online coupons to help you save your hard earned cash. If Crate and Barrel is your store of choice, you can easily find a new bath mat in a color or pattern that will really showcase your new bathroom’s style. You can also splurge on towels, bathroom storage, and decor that will help you spruce up your bathroom. Just be sure to check here for coupons before you make any purchases.

You Can Start with a Budget to Keep Your Project on Track

Now, before you go out and start shopping for budget-friendly bathroom decor, you need to know what your project budget looks like. Thankfully, you can find online templates that can make coming up with a plan and budget for your remodel simple. These handy worksheets breakdown rooms into sections that will make it easier to estimate costs for your upgrades. In addition to helping you budget for your bathroom makeover, these templates can also ensure you don’t overlook important details, like bathroom fixtures or cabinet hardware. Bathroom fixtures are important because they include essentials such as lighting, tubs/showers, and cabinets for keeping your new bathroom organized.

You Can Save By DIYing or Shopping Around for Professionals

The easiest way to save money on your bathroom remodel is to do it yourself. DIY bathrooms can be easier than you think — so long as you have the extra time and patience. You can choose to take on simple updates, like adding wallpaper for more color or stenciling tiles with paint, or you can even tackle more involved tasks, such as installing a new vanity or replacing tile. More detailed work, like cutting tile, will require special tools, but you can always rent tools in order to keep DIY project costs down. This is a great way to save at hardware stores. Of course, having the proper tools doesn’t always guarantee that your DIY bathroom remodel will be a success. So you should also know when to hire pros to help with your bathroom updates.

You Can Protect Your Investment by Focusing on Impactful Updates

If you really want to make the most of your remodeling project, you should think about ROI. Many homeowners think that bathroom remodels are a smart home project to invest in when, in reality, spending money on this project may not generate as much ROI as anticipated. However, you can increase your own ROI by using the tips above to keep project costs low. If you are a senior or an older adult, another way to ensure your remodel will be worthwhile is to make changes that will help you age in place. This doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look sterile or boring, though, since aging-in-place upgrades can be as simple as installing a walk-in shower or ensuring you have a way to make lighting brighter if needed.                  

Having the bathroom of your dreams doesn’t have to drain your wallet. You can use the money-saving, savvy tips outlined above to add all of the little touches that will make your bathroom one of your favorite places in your entire home.

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